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You have found your dream home, had your offer accepted and checked off all of your conditions.  It’s now time to move in and put your mark on the place!  Thanks to Richard Prophet Custom Painting for this great post on Paint Sheens.

Visiting your local paint store can be overwhelming if you don’t know what your looking for.  If you rent or own a home there is no doubt you have thought about painting it at some point.  Though we can’t teach you to paint at the click of a button, we are here to give you some tips to achieve a quality finish and prevent your project from looking cheap.

Paint sheens range from flat to high gloss on a scale that determines how much light reflects off of the dried surface.

Choosing the appropriate sheen or “shine” when buying your paint is the first thing you can do to create a professional finish.  We are going to use this spot on this blog to offer you a basic rundown of the different sheens, tell you where they should be applied, and provide a quick guide to their application.  Our hope is that we can make you a little more paint savvy and those paint aisles a little less scary!

There are 5 basic sheens you can choose from in your standard paint department.

Flat (matte) – No Shine

Use on all ceilings throughout your home for a shineless finish that doesn’t blind the eyes or showcase drywall deficiencies. This finish is easily marked and not very washable.

Can be applied in any manner and touched up at a later time. Flat sheens have great blendability because they do not reflect much light.

Velvet (Satin) – Low Shine

Use velvet sheens on the walls throughout your home for its simple cut and roll application. This sheen hides minor wall imperfections and allows for touch ups after drying. It is washable though easy to mark.

Applied using a standard cut and roll method, brush your cuts wide so that the roller doesn’t have to risk touching the ceiling and feather out any heavy brush marks. The beauty of a velvet sheen is that everything blends together.

photo courtesty of Ashburnham Paint and (2)

Eggshell (Pearl) – Minimal Shine

Used for walls in high traffic areas such as hallways, kitchens and bathrooms. This finish is especially scrubbable and more resistant to marking. Because it is higher on the shine scale Eggshell paints do not touch up well and showcase wall imperfections.

Eggshell finishes are best applied with two people painting. In order to achieve a finish where your cuts don’t stand out, you have to roll the walls while they are still wet. Because of the shine, different layers of paint will show and drywall deficiencies will stand out.

Semi-Gloss – Shine

Use semi gloss on the trim throughout your home for its great shine and durability. Trim painted in anything other then a type of gloss will make your room dull regardless of the colours your choose. This finish can be washed and scrubbed without damage.

This paint is best applied in individual coats that are fully completed and allowed to dry in each painting session. Glosses do not typically blend with previous work because they reflect the light differently with each coat.

Gloss (High Gloss) – High Shine

Use this anywhere you would use semi gloss in your home. It can be a great way to accentuate a piece but also hard on the eyes if overdone.

Apply using the same principals of semi gloss.

The way the light hits your paint job is everything to the look of the finish.

By using sheens with little to no shine you are able to hide wall imperfections, and blend touch ups with ease. The downside is that they are easy to mark and not always scrubbable.

With shinier finishes we increase the durability but reduce the ease of touch ups. The glossier the finish the more it will show every bump and divet in the painted piece.

By using varying sheens throughout your home you are actively learning about different paints and how to apply them. You’ll be a pro in no time working with different products.

So dive in because it can always be cleaned up or repainted!  Most importantly have fun with your project and don’t be afraid to ask questions.

For more information about our company and the work we do in the Kawartha Lakes, check out our Facebook and Twitter pages below.

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