Is your sink slow to drain?

If your sinks have been slow to drain this winter, the problem may be a little more than just a blocked trap.

If your sinks have been a little slow to (1)


The water in your sink or toilet can be slowed or even stopped by a vacuum in your waste line.   To help prevent this, each time you pull the plug or flush the toilet, your home’s waste plumbing system is kept open to the outside air via a vent stack – and here in Ontario the vent air stacks should terminate at least 6 inches (150mm) above the roof surface.

However, this Winter we have had more than 6 inches of snow on the roof and this has meant that many of us will have experienced some of the issues associated with a snow blocked venting system.  Snow blocking your vent stack works the same way as a finger blocking a drinking straw – it traps water inside – and this can result in you having a slow draining sink or a non-flushing toilet!

Thankfully warmer temperatures are now on the way and we should see the back of these issues for another year!



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