WETT SITE Basic Inspector – What does this mean?

Here at County Home Inspection, David is a WETT SITE Basic Inspector.  But what does all that actually mean?

WETT Site Basic Inspector

WETT stands for Wood Energy Technology Transfer.  WETT Inc promotes the safe and effective use of wood-burning systems in Canada.

If you have a wood burning appliance or fireplace in your home, or you are looking to purchase a home which has a wood burning appliance/fireplace then you may find that your insurance company asks you to provide them with a WETT Certificate for said appliance/fireplace.

This type of inspection is known as a basic visual inspection – which is a general overview of the readily accessible parts to determine if the system meets current regulations.

As a SITE Basic Inspector David is qualified to undertake this type of WETT Inspection for you.   Our WETT Report is delivered to you in a PDF format, ready to to present to your insurance company alongside a letter stating whether the appliance is or is not code compliant – if it is not, then we explain the reasons why and the recommendations on how to bring the appliance up to code.

For further information, please contact us at 705 957 3642 or at david@countyhomeinspection.ca


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