Proper Placement of Carbon Monoxide Detectors

When installing Carbon Monoxide alarms, it is very important to get the placement correct!

The Real Estate Coach


I get asked almost every other day about the proper placement of CO detectors in homes that I look at. So let’s talk about the proper placement and installation of your CO detectors. If you have any fossil fuel burning heaters or appliances, fireplace, or attached garage, you must have a Carbon Monoxide (CO) detector/alarm by most local & state codes.


CO detectors can be purchased from most home improvement stores. Some are battery powered and some are electric with battery backup. You may have a choice of stand alone CO detectors or combination smoke/CO detector. When choosing a combination unit, the alarms must be distinguishable. As dictated by the fire code, you may only “need” a minimum number of detectors in your home. But in this case, a little redundancy can be a great thing.  Think more, not less.

Installation locations will vary by manufacturer due to the degree of research…

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