Heating Season is here again – part 1!

The heating season is upon us again and it’s time to crank up the furnace – BUT before you do, remember to check your furnace filter.

Below are some examples of the conditions I regularly find when inspecting furnace filters during a County Home Inspection.


The filter is an integral part of your HVAC system.  If your filter resembles any of the conditions above then you should change the filter as soon as you can as you may experience a lowering in performance, efficiency or even a shortening of the life cycle of your furnace.

If you are unsure of which filter to use in your furnace and you do not have the owners manual available, then your best source of information is the manufacturers data label, usually found within the furnace cabinet.

Manufacturers Data Label

You can then use this information to either undertake a quick internet search to find out the filter information or take this information with you to the local hardware store.

Happy heating!


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