WETT Inspections – Levels of Inspection

If you have a wood burning appliance in your home then you have likely had a WETT Inspection.  But did you know that there are different levels of WETT Inspection and different types of qualified WETT Inspectors?

Home Inspector (1).png

The table below explains the different levels of inspection and who is qualified to undertake them.


The types of qualified WETT Inspectors are:

SITE Basic Inspector – These are individuals who can perform a level 1 inspection.

Technician – These are individuals who can install or performance maintenance on wood-burning appliances. They can also perform a level 1 or level 2 inspection.

Chimney Sweep – these are individuals who can clean and maintain your entire wood-burning system, including cleaning the chimney. The can also perform a level 1 and level 2 inspection.

SITE Comprehensive Inspector – These are individual who can perform level 1, 2 or level 3 inspections. These individuals are also technicians and/or sweeps.

Most Home Inspectors are WETT SITE Basic Inspectors and are therefore qualified to provide Level 1 inspections – which are the type of inspections insurance companies require when you purchase a property with a wood burning appliance.

When searching for a WETT Inspector on the WETT Inc website, you may also notice people listed as “Student Member“.  These are individuals who have taken some training courses but are NOT yet certified and are NOT allowed to use the WETT logo.

To become certified, individuals must complete a series of training courses and also have a prescribed number of years of experience. This takes some time. WETT allow Students five years to become certified.

If you are in an area where there are limited  WETT certified persons, or when WETT certified persons are unavailable, then WETT  suggests that homeowners should contract services with WETT Students.   You should check with your insurance company prior to hiring a Student Member to confirm the insurance company will accept a Student Member inspection report.

For more information on WETT, please check out the WETT Inc website.



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