OAHI & InterNACHI – Same thing, right?

You may have noticed that some Home Inspectors are members of the Ontario Association of Home Inspectors (OAHI) and some who are members of InterNACHI.  And you probably assume that they are the same thing, right? Wrong.

To become a member of OAHI Inspectors have to have completed a 10 section Home Inspection educational program offered by certain Ontario Universities and Community Colleges which meet the core educational requirements of the National Occupational Standards (NOS) and Standards of Practice (SOP).

Each section of the course takes 3 months to complete and an exam is sat at the end of each section.  Whilst the course can be taken on-line, all exams MUST be proctored at a University or College.

Inspectors must also meet the requirements for their selected membership level, as set out below.

Membershipt Flow Chart

To become a member of InterNACHI Inspectors must pay to join InternNACHI, take 3 online, un-proctered exams which take as little as an hour to complete, submit 4 mock home inspection reports and sign an affidavit.


David is a Registered Home Inspector with OAHI – this is the highest level of certification with the Association – just another reason to choose County Home Inspection.

For more information contact us at 705 957 3642.


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